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CEPCEB Award Fund

Center for Plant Cell Biology (CEPCEB) Award Fund:

The CEPCEB Award Fund was established in 2002 to provide critical scholarship support to promising young scientists. These awards annually recognize research excellence in plant cell biology, genomics, bioinformatics and bioengineering by pre-college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. The Award Fund also sponsors an annual special seminar and awards ceremony where an invited prominent scientist presents his or her work.

The following student was awarded first place by CEPCEB in the area of plant cell biology at the California State Science Fair held May 24, 2016:

Sandhya Kalavacherla - CEPCEB First Place

SANDHYA KALAVACHERLA (Grade 10, Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton, California)
Recipient of CEPCEB First Place Award ($1000) 
California State Science Fair held May 24, 2016
Poster Title: "Mutants of Leucine Rich Receptor-Like Kinase Proteins Show Increased Biomass: A Proteomic Study"





CEPCEB 1st Place Awardee and Judges

1st Place California State Science Fair CEPCEB Plant Cell Biology Awardee SANDHYA KALAVACHERLA (center)
CEPCEB Judges (L-R): Jessica Toth, Michael Pena, Glenn Hicks, Rakesh Kaundal



The following high-school students were also awarded prizes from CEPCEB in the area of plant cell biology at the Regional Inland Empire Science Fair on April 5, 2016.

Esther Koh

ESTHER KOH (Grade 10, Martin Luther King High School, Riverside)
Recipient of CEPCEB 1st Place Award ($100)
Regional Inland Empire Science Fair on April 5, 2016
Poster Title: "Sucrose Efflux Mediated by SWEET Proteins as a Crucial Aid for Whitefly Feeding"




Crystal Rose Horton

CRYSTAL ROSE HORTON (Grade 9, Western Center Academy, Hemet)
Recipient of CEPCEB Honorable Mention Award
Regional Inland Empire Science Fair on April 5, 2016
Poster Title: "A Simple Field Detection of Citrus HLB"



David Carter and Isgouhi Kaloshian represented CEPCEB as judges at the Regional Inland Empire Science  Fair on April 5, 2016.

An outstanding postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, and undergraduate student working in a CEPCEB lab and achieving research excellence in the fields of plant cell biology, genomics, bioinformatics or engineering were recognized at the Thirteenth Annual CEPCEB Award Ceremony held December 16, 2015 in the Genomics Auditorium.

The format of the half-day symposium was similar to last year in order to enable members and friends of CEPCEB to form new contacts and collaborations as well as gain greater insight into the science performed in the Center. Two postdocs, one graduate student, three faculty, and two external speakers presented either research or “tech talks.”  The five "tech talks" were five minutes in length, with time for only one or two questions. The purpose of these talks was to convey exciting technology in the areas of genomics, proteomics, chemistry or biological modeling. The five Research Talks that were 20 minutes in length served to inform and expose attending biologists, engineers, computer scientists and chemists to exciting new project work.

The following outstanding CEPCEB researchers were selected by the CEPCEB award committee (Isgouhi Kaloshian, Chia-en Chang, Stefano Lonardi, Glenn Hicks, Brandon Le and Travis Lee) and awarded $500 each ($50 for "tech talk" awardee):

2015 Outstanding CEPCEB Postdoctoral Fellow(s)  2015 Outstanding CEPCEB 
Graduate Student
2015 Outstanding CEPCEB Undergraduate Student 2015 Outstanding CEPCEB TechTalk Presenter
Changjun You Jinfeng Lu Kyle Palos Jeannette Rapicavoli
Mentor: Y. Wang
Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Mentor: S.-W. Ding
Botany & Plant Sciences
Mentor: P. Springer
Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Mentor: C. Roper
  • Changjun You (postdoctoral fellow award, Yinsheng Wang lab, Chemistry department)
  • Jinfeng Lu (graduate student award, Shou-wei Ding lab, Plant Pathology & Microbiology department)
  • Kyle Palos (Neil Campbell undergraduate student award, Patricia Springer lab, Botany & Plant Sciences department)
  • Jeannette Rapicavoli  ("TechTalk" award, Caroline Roper lab, Plant Pathology & Microbiology department)
Pamela Green
Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair
Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, Marine BioScience, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Biological Sciences
University of Delaware

The 2015 Distinguished Noel T. Keen Lecturer was Pamela J. Green. Pamela Green received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. After postdoctoral research with Nam-Hai Chua at Rockefeller University, she joined the DOE Plant Research Laboratory and the Department of Biochemistry at Michigan State University, where she was a professor for 13 years. She moved to the Delaware Biotechnology Institute of University of Delaware in 2002 where she is the Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair and Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, Marine BioScience, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Biological Sciences.  Green has served on or chaired the boards of the Gordon Research Conferences, the Committee on Science and the Arts of The Franklin Institute, the International Society of Plant Molecular Biology, Trends in Plant Biology, and the Arabidopsis Steering Committee. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Society of Plant Biologists.

The overall aim of research in the Green lab is to elucidate post-transcriptional mechanisms that control gene expression. This has been pursued with a combination of molecular, genetic, biochemical, genomic and bioinformatic analyses and the development of new transcriptomic approaches. The work is carried out in both plant and animal systems and focuses on mRNA decay, ribonucleases, environmental stress and miRNAs.

The title of Dr. Green's presentation will be announced shortly.

Please see the CEPCEB Award Fund Chart for a list of all award recipients and special lecturers to date.

The following annual scolarship/lecturer awards have been established by CEPCEB with this fund:

  • The Neil Campbell CEPCEB Undergraduate Student Award for Outstanding Research ($500)
  • The CEPCEB Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Research ($500)
  • The CEPCEB Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Research ($500)
  • The CEPCEB Inland Region Science Fair Award [High School] ($100)
  • The CEPCEB California State Science Fair Award [High School] (Winner: $500; Honorable Mention: $100)
  • Honorarium for Noel Keen Special Lecturer ($500)


  • Credit card donations can be made at UCR's secure Online Gift Form.  There is also a space to further designate your donation to a specific purpose related to the Center's activities.
  • Check or money orders can also be issued to the Center for Plant Cell Biology. Make a check to "UC Regents" and mail it to:
    • Michelle Blas 
      Botany & Plant Sciences Department
      Genomics, Rm 1206
      University of California, Riverside
      Riverside, CA 92521
  • Accompany the check with a very brief letter stating that the contribution is for the CEPCEB Award Fund and that it is an “unrestricted gift.” You will receive acknowledgement expressing the Center's gratitude and a receipt of your contribution for tax purposes.


The nomination letter and manuscript (see below) should be submitted to Isgouhi Kaloshian in the Nematology department. An award committee of rotating faculty, academic researchers and graduate students select each year's award recipients. The CEPCEB Awards have a monetary value of $500 each, and awardees' names will be posted on the website. 

CEPCEB Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Awards for Outstanding Research are designed to recognize a UCR postdoctoral fellow and graduate student with a CEPCEB mentor who have achieved research excellence, as demonstrated by publication of a high impact paper in the past two years. Faculty members are asked to nominate a qualified graduate student and or postdoctoral fellow for the annual awards. If you have multiple candidates for this award from your lab, it is fine to submit multiple nominations. Papers that are in press are also acceptable as long as a letter of acceptance is included with the manuscript. Because of the breadth of CEPCEB research interests, the letters of nomination should address: (1) the importance of these scientific findings to the field, (2) the specific role of the student/postdocs in the research (this is particularly important in multi-author papers), (3) prominence of the journal/proceedings that the work is published in, and (4) any other information that might guide the award committee's decision making process. 

The Neil Campbell CEPCEB Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award (started in 2005) honors a UCR undergraduate who has been mentored by a CEPCEB faculty member in the past two years, however the criteria for this award are not as stringent as for the Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Awards. Creativity, diligence, focus, enthusiasm and tangible research accomplishments are primary considerations for this award. Because of the breadth of CEPCEB research interests, the CEPCEB mentor's letter of nomination for this award should address: (1) the importance of these scientific findings to the field, (2) the specific role of the undergraduate in the research project (this is particularly important since most undergrads are mentored by a graduate student, postdoc or staff member), (3) independence of the student, and (4) any other information that might guide our decision making process. If the student has been an author on a manuscript, the manuscript should be submitted, however, authorship on a manuscript is not mandatory for this award.

If you have any questions, please contact Isgouhi Kaloshian, CEPCEB Awards Fund Chair, at  or x2-3913.

Sandhya Kalavacherla

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