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2012-13 IIGB/RED Potpourri Seed Grants

Purpose of Grant

In an effort to promote cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research in genomics, bioinformatics, microscopy and proteomics at UCR, IIGB and the Research & Economic Development Office (RED) sponsored six starter grants of $5K each to assist in the development of innovative research and/or the exploration of new approaches. NEB (New England Biolabs, Inc.) also offered 50% off the cost of sample prep kits for Illumina sequencing to award recipients. The starter grants were intended to provide preliminary data in support of obtaining extramural funding and the use of multiple core facilities and disciplines was encouraged.

Award Recipients

As determined by a committee composed of Glenn Hicks, David Carter, Thomas Girke and Songqin Pan and based on the criteria above, the following were selected as award recipients based on their proposals:

Thomas Eulgem (Botany & Plant Sciences) Title: Establishing a mechanistic basis for hormensis in Arabidopsis (genomics, bioinformatics)

Sean Cutler (Botany & Plant Sciences) Title: Target identification by co-chromatography (proteomics)

Wenbo Ma (Plant Pathology & Microbiology) and Anupama Dahanukar (Entomology) Title: Characterization of a novel chromatin remodeling protein in Arabidopsis and Drosophila (genomics, microscopy)

Bradley White (Entomology) Title: Genotyping by sequencing for high throughput quantitative and population genomics in malaria mosquitoes (genomics, bioinformatics)

Michael Allen, Matthew O-Neill, Edith Allen (Botany & Plant Sciences)
Title: Characterizing the introduction dynamics and genetic variation of the invasive grass Bromus rubens

Chunhua Zhang and Natasha Raikhel (Botany & Plant Sciences)
Title: Endosidin 2 (ES2): Identification by biotin affinity matrix combined with mass-spectrometry(MS) proteomics analysis

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