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Dissecting Information About Genes, Proteins and Chemicals

Thomas Girke

Thomas Girke (right, shown with Sargeet Gill, UCR Cell Biology & Neuroscience)

The Bioinformatics Core provides state-of-the-art resources for large-scale comparative genomics, data mining, systems modeling, and drug discovery to enable scientists from different experimental and computational areas to master the bioinformatic and cheminformatic aspects of their research independently and proficiently. Such approaches permit researchers to interpret and dissect complex information about literally thousands of genes, proteins and chemicals.  This intensely computational research is conducted on high-performance servers and supercomputers (Linux cluster) with hundreds of scientific software tools. The Bioinformatics Core organizes in-depth training in modern quantitative biology, and promotes active research collaborations incorporating challenging data analysis, grant writing and research publications.

The Core is managed by an Academic Coordinator is staffed by a bioinformatics analyst, Neerja Katiyar; and a Systems Administrator Assistant.

Please visit the extensive Bioinformatics Core web portal, which serves as a roadmap to internal and external bioinformatics resources.  Information provided on this site includes available hardware  and  software resources, manuals, and a workshop schedule.


CEPCEB’s Bioinformatics Facility is located in the 1207/1208 south wing of the Genomics Building. The facility consists of a dedicated office for two systems administrators, one office for up to seven programmers and one for the director of the facility. A multifunctional bioinformatics lab is part of this infrastructure. It can accommodate twelve programmers and students. In addition, the facility has a dedicated 600 sq ft server room with a state-of-the-art raised floor AC system and uninterrupted power supplied by a large UPS and a backup power generator. A bioinformatics laboratory is available for workshops with 10 triple-bootable Windows/OSX/Linux workstations and one molecular modeling workstation from Silicon Graphics.

Provided below is a floorplan of the first floor of the Genomics building with the Bioinformatics Core Facility highlighted.


"Heatmap" used to visualize similarity between compounds and genes from UCR's Bioinformatics ChemMine compound mining database database.

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