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Covaris S220 Ultrasonicator

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Covaris S220 Ultrasonicator
(holders and tubes for 50ul to 2ml samples)

Covaris S220 Ultrasonicator

  • This instrument can used by customers for precisely shearing DNA in preparation for Illumina sequencing.
  • Computer-controlled shearing of DNA ensures a high degree of reproducibility with minimum heating of samples.
  • The instrument is well suited to different sample types including genomic DNA and DNA for ChIPSeq requiring controlled shearing.
  • Other applications include protein preparation.
  • The Genomics Core also uses the Covaris for preparation of customer samples for Illumina sequencing.
  • The instrument uses sonication that is highly focused to a tube holder that precisely positions sample tubes to receive the energy.
  • Since the energy is highly focused there is little or no heating of samples.
  • The instrument utilizes specialized sample tubes and holders. We have a wide range of tube sizes and matching holders that permit shear volumes of 50ul up to 2ml.
  • Shearing of DNA uses predefined conditions and is largely concentration independent so low and high concentration samples can be sheared using the same reproducible conditions. 
Technical Tips
  • Prior to usage customers must contact the Genomics Core to arrange instrument training. The startup and shutdown procedures are critical to prevent damage to this high-end instrument.

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