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Life Technologies E-Gel System for general electropphoresis and DNA fragment isolation

Life Technologies E-Gel System

  • This instrument can used by customers to run pre-cast agarose gels.
  • The gel types include preparative and analytical gels.
  • Special gel cassettes can be used for the economical isolation of DNA fragments of desired length.
  • Typical application is the sizing of DNA for Illumina sample prep for sequencing. 
  • For DNA size selection, cassettes are available from 0.8% to 4%. Gels can be pre-stained with ethidium bromide or SYBR dye.
  • The device has a built-in blue light transilluminator to visualize DNA with minimum damage.
  • Cassette gels can run up to 16 samples.
  • For more information on available gel cassettes please see the Life Technologies website.  
Technical Tips
  • Please note that we charge per usage which includes one cassette.
  • Note that we do not stock all cassette types. The most popular are 1.5% sizing gel. If you anticipate only occasional usage of an uncommon cassette, we may ask that you purchase the cassettes. 

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