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Becton Dickinsen FACSAria cell Sorting System

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Becton Dickinsen FACSAria Cell Sorting System
(operated by Core Staff)

Becton Dickinsen FACSAria cell Sorting System
  • This instrument is for fluorescence detection on the surface of or within cells.
  • Cell sorting is based on size, shape, and fluorescent dyes bound to a cell.
  • This instrument is a high-speed sorter.
  • The instrument has a fixed-alignment flow cell.
  • The instrument has three lasers (488nm, 633nm, 407nm) for multicolor detection capability.
  • For improved throughput, the instrument has BDTM aerosol management option.
Technical Tips
  • This instrument is operated by a highly-trained professional.
    Core Staff will work with customers to design and implement experiments.
  • For basic information on the capabilities of the instrument including lasers and filter selection, see the information sheet titled: Laser, PMT, Filter, Mirror, Dye.
  • In addition, please view a slide presentation presenting general knowledge of flow cytometry.
  • As a tool for choice of fluorescent dyes, please visit: BD Spectral Viewer
  • For an overview of flow cytometry, please visit: Invitrogen Tutorials
  • If you are interested in utilizing this instrument, please contact Core Staff.

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