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Genepix 4000B Scanner Molecular Devices

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Genepix 4000B Scanner Molecular Devices
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Genepix 4000B Scanner Molecular Device
  • This instrument is a fully integrated scanner and quantitative software system.
  • This instrument is capable of scanning slide-type arrays (Agilent, custom).
  • This instrument can scan two wavelengths (red and green) simultaneously for arrays probed with multiple dyes.
  • This instrument has dual lasers 532nm and 635 nm.
  • This instrument is capable of scanning resolutions of 100mm to 5 mm.
  • The instrument utilizes GenPix scanning software to set all parameters for scanning, including feature designation in a selection of grid patterns.
  • Features can be flagged as controls or removed altogether
  • A license is also maintained for the Accuity 4.0 software, which is integrated with the scanning software.
  • Accuity 4.0 quantifies and tabulates features in a table format and provides additional statistics.
Technical Tips
  • Our scanners and software provide a basic level of analysis; for additional in-depth analysis, users should consult or collaborate with the Bioinformatics Core.
  • A modest time-based usage fee is charged for instrument usage.

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