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Illumina MiSeq DNA Sequencer
(operated by Core Staff)
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Illumina HiSeq 2500

  • This instrument is used by core personnel for deep sequencing DNA libraries.
  • The HiSeq2500 can generate up to 200 million DNA reads per lane.
  • Read lengths range between 50bp single-end to 250bp paired-end (500bp). The instrument provides a large variety of useful outputs, including genome re-sequencing, de novo genome sequencing, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP sequencing), methylation, amplicon sequencing, and small RNAs among many others.
  • Amplification of libraries for sequencing is achieved using an approach known as bridge amplification, which creates “clusters” that can be detected via a CCD camera and interpreted as base calls.
  • This instrument is capable of processing a flow cell containing 8 lanes (High Output Mode) or 2 lanes (Rapid Mode).
  • Each lane is capable of generating up to 200 million sequence reads per lane.
  • Paired-end sequencing permits fragments to be sequenced from both ends, approximately doubling the output of sequence data and aiding in assembly of genomes and transcriptomes.
  • A variety of kits are available commercially to users to produce libraries for sequencing.
  • Customers can produce their own libraries for sequencing or we offer sample prep services.
  • Libraries are submitted to Genomics Core staff for sequencing.
  • Sample information and data downloads utilize our web portal.
Technical Tips
  • The Illumina web portal is an excellent starting point to explore the applications, services, prices and other relevant information pertaining to IIGB Illumina services.

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