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Promega GloMax Multiplus Plate Reader/Luminometer

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Promega GloMax Multiplus Plate Reader (fluorescence/ UV/ absorbance) Luminometer
(dual injectors) (user operated)

Promega GloMax Multiplus Plate Reader/Luminometer
  • This instrument can used by customers to run assays in a plate format (6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well).
  • This instrument can do luminescence luciferase assays that are either endpoint or kinetic.
  • The GloMax has filter sets that permit the reading of fluorescence-based assays including GUS assays, Pico Green and many others.
  • The instrument can also read OD for DNA and protein measurements.
  • All results are automatically populated in an Excel table for easy analysis.
  • The system is very intuitive and user friendly and can be operated competently quickly
  • The instrument has dual injectors for two color kinetic luciferase assays
  • Absorbance filters are: 260nm, 280nm and 450nm
  • Fluorescence combinations are: UV (Ex 365nm/Em 410-460nm); blue (Ex 490nm/Em 510-570nm); green (Ex 525/Em 580-640nm); red (Ex 625nm/Em 660-720nm); AFC (Ex 405nm/Em 495-505nm)
Technical Tips
  • For luminescence detection advertised detection limits are: 3x10-21 moles luciferase or 1x10-18 moles ATP.
  • PMT has a peak wavelength of 420nm and >8 logs of dynamic range.
  • Injector dispense volumes are 25-200ul in 5ul increments.
  • Our GloMax instrument also has on-board shaking and heating for precision control of experiments and for reading live cells.

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