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Illumina MiSeq DNA Sequencer
(operated by Core Staff)
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Illumina MiSeq

  • This instrument is used by core personnel for sequencing DNA libraries.
  • The MiSeq generates much less data then the HiSeq 2500 but is much faster and is suitable for applications such as metagenomics studies involved the sequencing of amplicons generated by PCR such as 16s ribosomal DNA.
  • Read lengths range between 50bp single-end to 300bp paired-end (600bp). The instrument provides a variety of useful outputs, including small genome re-sequencing, small genome de novo sequencing and amplicon sequencing for metagenomics studies, among many others.
  • Amplification of libraries for sequencing is achieved as for the HiSeq by using an approach known as bridge amplification, which creates “clusters” that can be detected via a CCD camera and interpreted as base calls.
  • This instrument if capable of processing a flow cell containing 1 lane but is rapid with run times of 8 hours to about 48 hours.
  • The single lane flow cell is capable of generating up to 25 million sequence reads per lane
  • Paired-end sequencing permits fragments to be sequenced from both ends, approximately doubling the output of sequence data and aiding in assembly of small genomes such as those of bacteria and fungi.
  • A variety of kits are available commercially to users to produce libraries for sequencing including low input kits requiring in the low ng amounts of DNA.
  • Customers can produce their own libraries for sequencing or we offer sample prep services.
  • Libraries are submitted to Genomics Core staff for sequencing.
  • Sample information and data downloads utilize our web portal.
Technical Tips
  • The Illumina web portal is an excellent starting point to explore the applications, services, prices and other relevant information pertaining to IIGB Illumina services.

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