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Location and Floorplan

The IIGB Genomics Core facility occupies 2246 sq ft of laboratory space on the second floor of Noel Keen Hall. The main laboratory (2016 Keen Hall) houses both staff-operated and user-operated instrumentation. Staff-operated instruments include an ABI 3730xl DNA sequencer, ABI 3130XL analyzer. There is also a wide range of user operated instruments including BioRad CFX 96, Connect (2 units), iQ5, and MYiQ  qPCR instruments, imaging equipment, shakers, incubators, luminometers, plate reader, and spectrophotometers. The laboratory has four benches as well as abundant counter and table space, a fume hood, safety shower, eye wash station, and sufficient power outlets for instrumentation. Equipment housed in the room include refrigerators/freezer, tabletop and microcentrifuges, computer workstations, standard laboratory incubators (gravity and cooled), two incubators for 96-well deep dish plates, and refrigerated water baths. The room also houses two Beckman Multi-Mek robots for automated DNA preparation. Adjoining the main laboratory are three rooms. One room (2015 Keen) houses supplies, -20C and -70C freezers, an ice machine, and a floor model centrifuge. A second room (2014) hosts a Covaris S220 ultrsonicator for DNA shearing. The third room (2012) houses microarray scanners (GenePix, Array Express). The Core also utilizes a houses a FACSAria cell sorter in a separate lab space (2002). Other labs on the second floor house Illumina HiSeq2500 and MiSeq NGS sequencers (2003) as well as accessory equipment such as an Illumina C-Bot (2007). This room also houses Affymetrix Genechip instruments and the Agilent Bioanalyzer. Other equipment housed (2007, 2009) in support of Illumina sample prep includes a Blue Pippin, E-Gel system, and Bioruptor sonicator. Standard lab equipment in these additional labs includes waterbaths, -20C freezers as well as storage space. Finally, an HP server is installed in an additional area (2008) to support the Illumina sequencers and provide connections to the Biocluster compute cluster that is operated by the IIGB Bioinformatics Core in the nearby Genomics Building.

Provided below are a campus map indicating the location of Noel T. Keen Hall and floorplans (pdfs) of the first and second floors. With the exception of the FACSAria cell sorter on the first floor, all sequencing equipment is located on the second floor, as detailed on the floorplans.

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