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Biomek FXP Fluid Handling Robot

Biomek FXP Fluid Handling Robot

Robot Controls

Robot Tubes

  • For chemical library management and fluid handling applications
  • For seed dispensing to multiwell plates
  • 96 tip 200ul dispensing capability
  • 96 pin fluid transfer 50nl & 300nl
  • Gripper for moving plastic ware around
  • Span-8 head for single well dispensing with volume sensing capability
  • Optional fixed Teflon tips for span-8
  • 17 open deck positions
  • Cytomet hotel with 5x7-position tip box racks and 4x21 position assay plate racks
  • 96 tip loader
  • Evaporation fan
  • Conveyor belt transfer to Cytomet with bar code reader
  • Custom high temperature deck position for heating/stirring solid growth media
  • Re-circulating hot wash stations
  • Sterile HEPA filtered enclosure
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