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Hitachi TM-1000

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Hitachi TM-1000 Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi TM-1000 Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope
(sample images below)
  • As easy to use as a digital camera
  • No need to dehydrate samples
  • No need to gold coat samples
  • High throughput
  • Works well with fresh, frozen and cryosectioned material
  • 1024x960 TIFF or Jpeg images
  • 60x to 10,000x magnification
  • Resolution down to 35nm
  • 15kV BSE detection
  • Charge reduction scanning mode
  • X-Y travel 15x18mm
  • Sample size up to 70mm
  • Fresh, frozen or gold coated samples
  • Hitachi standard or pin type stubs
  • Auto focus/brightness/contrast
  • Custom tilt stage
  • Data removal to CD or USB drive
Technical Tips
Sample Images

Hitachi SEM
Live arabidopsis seedling, and freeze dried epidermis.

Pinned Assassin Bug
Pinned Assassin Bug Ptilocnemus pallidus (Heteroptera Reduviidae Holoptilinae). Christiane Weirauch, Entomology

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