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Leica MZIII Combi and Leica MZIII Pursuit

Microscopy Instruments


Leica MZIII Combi and Leica MZIII Pursuit Stereo Scopes

Leica MZ FLIII Stereo Fluorescence Dissection Microscopes
  • Stereo 1 has a 4MP color/grayscale camera and motorized Z-drive for best image quality
  • Stereo 2 has a Combi turret for extended magnification observation
  • SPOT Pursuit camera with liquid crystal RGB color filter slider for 4MP grayscale or 12MP color imaging
  • Combi turret 1x and 10x objectives
  • SPOT RT 1.8MP monochrome camera
  • Irises for extended depth of focus
  • UV, CFP, GFP, YFP, dsRed fluorescence
  • Top-down/bottom up white light with dark field capability
Technical Tips
Sample Images
steroscope sample Whole Arabidopsis and transformed onion epidermis. Georgia Drakakaki, Botany & Plant Sciences
stereoscope sample2  

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