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Pathway HT

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Atto Pathway HT High Throughput Automated Confocal Imager

Atto PathwayAtto Chamber
(sample images below)
  • For high throughput and extended time course experiments
  • Fluorescence, confocal or white light
  • On-board fluid handling
  • Montage imaging in fluorescence or white light
  • Image based auto focus
  • Climate control/CO2 for animal cells
  • Adapted for high speed automated imaging of large mutant screens and chemical genomics including whole 7d Arabidopsis seedlings
  • Full spectrum arc lamp illumination
  • 8 position filter based emission
  • CCD imaging at 12 bit and up to 10 second exposures
  • Optional GFP filter wheel sets
  • Objectives include 2, 20 and 40 dry
Technical Tips
  • BD bioscience example applications
  • Point Picker software for mapping scan locations on slides or multiwell plates(compressed folder called “dist”
  • Point Picker Tutorial
Sample Images
Atto Sample Image1 Two images of mutant Arabidopsis epidermal leaf cells (vacuole membrane highlighted in green)
April Agee, Botany & Plant Sciences
Atto Sample 2  
Atto Sample3
Coleus stem tip, white light montage. Matt Mason, Botany & Plant Sciences

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