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Yokogawa Peak

Microscopy Instruments


Yokogawa Peak Sensitivity Confocal Microscope


yokogawa schematic

(sample image below)

  • For high speed kinetics imaging and high sensitivity detection of very dim samples
  • Argon, Krypton and 405 lasers
  • Yokogawa CSU-10 scan head
  • RGB & CFP/YFP cube sets
  • PhotonMax 512B EMCCD camera for extreme sensitivity
  • 405 violet laser for DAPI imaging
  • 488, 514, 568 and 647 visible lines
  • Optical Insights DualView for CFP/YFP FRET imaging
  • Objectives include 10, 20, 32 dry and 40 water
  • Optional Eppendorf Injectman
  • Optional 37 C incubator enclosure
Technical Tips
Sample Images

yokogawa sample
Infected BGMK cells with CFP-YFP linked with 16 residue Poliovirus 2A cleavage sequence.  Free CFP green; FRET red. Yu-Chen Hwang, Environmental Sciences

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