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EMS 850 Critical Point Dryer

EMS 850 Critical Point Dryer

  • Critical point drying of samples for scanning electron microscopy
  • 12-sample basket for holding samples
  • Electric heater and CO2 chamber cooler
  • In-chamber stirrer
  • Analog pressure gauge
  • Digital temperature gauge
Technical Tips
  • Gas valves should be closed finger-tip tight to avoid damage.
  • Replace ethanol with carbon dioxide by gently filling and emptying at the same time, watching the liquid level in the chamber window.  Test dryness by removing exit tube and venting onto a piece of paper, which will not get wet when all the ethanol is removed.
  • Pressure release has fast and slow valve in series.  Fully open one (coarse), then use the other (fine) to regulate decompression rate, which can be seen as gas bubbles in the water jar.

Sample Uses:
  • The TM-1000 SEM does not require critical point dried or gold coated samples, but can look at fresh material directly.
  • When sample can be damaged by a few minutes in vacuum, they can be snap-frozen in isopentane, or critical point dried for even more careful preparation.

  • CFAMM users are welcome to book this instrument as an alternative to the instrument in the electron microscopy core facility.

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