Institute for Integrative Genome Biology

General Lab Equipment

Microscopy Instruments

General lab equipment for occasional use in support of microscopy and screening projects (non-rental)

Percival Arabidopsis growth chamber   22 C 16/8 day/night cycle
  • four shelves 7 inches deep
  • Fit DC-48 gasket plates


VWR cell culture incubator   For keeping animal cells happy between observations 37 C; no CO2 input

Rm 1017

Inverted compound microscope Olympus IMT 2 For checking cell cultures 10x, 20x, 40xLWD 40x, 100x oil objectives

Rms 1005/6

Small dissection scope Nikon SMZ645 For preparing cryo samples
  • Gooseneck illumination
  • Long working distance
  • 0.8x to 5x zoom
Rm 1005
Small Dissection Scope Leica ES2 For preparing SEM samples
  • 10x-30x zoom
  • LED epi / trans illumination
Rm 1006
Microwave; Water-bath Whirlpool 800W
Isotemp 202
  • For boiling agar growth media
  • For keeping agar media hot
  Rm 1005
Vortex Mixer;  Mini Centrifuge VWR
ISC Bioexpress
For re-suspending and spinning down seeds – seed sterilization   Rm 1015
Plate Centrifuge Jouan CR422 For spinning down chemical library plates   Rm 1016
Laminar Flow Hood Labcono horizontal clean bench

For sterile sample handling

UV and white lamps

Dust curtain to keep clean between uses

Rm 1005
Glass Knifemaker LKB7800

For making triangular glass knives for microtome and Ultracut

Users may prefer to bring their own diamond or Tungsten Carbide knives Rm 1005
Vacuum Oven Napco 5831

For vacuum infiltration and plastic embedding

  Rm 1015
Balance Denver APX-200 For preparing reagents from powder 200g in 0.1mg increments Rm 1005
-20 freezer ; Fridge-freezer  
  • For temporary working plate storage
  • For reagent and sample storage
  Rm 1015
Rm 1006
Flatbed Scanners Epson Perfection 3490 photo
Epson Perfection 4990 pro
  • For mapping plates; routine imaging
  • For imaging whole plants; semi-automated imaging
  Rm 1005
Rm 1002
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Union Carbide 35LD For temporary ultracut cryo sample storage 35 liter capacity Rm 1015

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