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Reserve Equipment

Be sure to read Facility Regulations, including the Microscopy Core Regulations at the bottom, before using equipment in Noel T. Keen Hall instrumentation facility.

To Reserve Equipment

All the equipment in the microscopy facility can now be booked online. A paper sign-up sheet is kept beside each instrument to record all usage  For access to the equipment, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Training is required to understand the basic operation procedures of any instrument. Please see Calendar for upcoming scheduled sessions and instructions on enrolling.
  2. All Microscopy instrumation must be reserved through the IIGB Instrumentation Facilities Services and Billing Site. Principal Investigators will receive monthly statements based on reservation times. In order to ensure an instrument's availability, it is prudent to reserve equipment in advance; however, login computers are available and labeled as such in Rooms 1003, 1004, 1005, and 1016 for entering and modifying usage times. Since reservations cannot be modified after a session has ended, please be sure to use these computers as needed.

    To use the IIGB Instrumentation Facilities Services and Billing Site:
    • You must have a login email address and password to access the site. If you are registering for the first time, use the Click Here to Register link on the reservation page and complete all fields. Please select your principal investigator from the pulldown menu.  If your PI is not listed, please have him/her contact genomics@ucr.edu.
    • You will receive an email regarding confirmation of your registration.  Please wait one-day before using the application while permissions are being entered.  If equipment is grayed out when trying to reserve, you must obtain permission from the Microscopy Core Manager before usage. Usually this indicates that specialized training is required prior to usage.
    • Upon accessing the site, please click on the "Start Here" link in the left sidebar. A list will appear of all instruments and services available in the four instrumentation core facilities: Microscopy, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Proteomics (sorted by column headings). The list may indicate that you need to "Contact Microscopy" -- this is because a discussion is needed first to best determine your research needs.
    • You must select or add an FAU in order to reserve an instrument or request a service. Please ask your principal investigator for a billing account number and add it if one is not provided.
    • Reservations from all users will be color coded, but you will only be able to edit your reservations. You can, however, click on other reservations to view contact information.
    • You will be billed according to the time indicated on the reservation calendar, and you will not be able to alter the reservation after the session has ended. Depending on demand, a session may be terminated early, or go beyond the reserved end time, so please use available login computers to adjust your reservation for billing purposes prior to the end time of your reservation on the calendar. If you will be unable to use a reserved instrument, cancel the booking promptly, so that other users have access to this resource. If you finish early, please contact the next user, to give them more time on the system if needed. For questions regarding billing, please contact genomics@ucr.edu.
    • Some instruments have a 24-hour cancellation policy (Leica SP2 Confocal, Zeiss 510 Confocal), which is indicated in the Notes section of the reservation form. You cannot change or make a reservation within this period, and all reserved hours on these instruments will be billed. If an instrument is available within this period and you would like to reserve it, please contact the Microscopy Core Manager.
    • Reserved time may be cancelled at any time to schedule needed maintenance or repairs.  As much warning as possible will be given, but occasionally, there will be no warning period.

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