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To understand how thousands of cellular proteins are affected during growth or as a result of drug treatment or environmental stresses, technically ¬≠advanced approaches such as mass spectrometry (MS) have become essential research tools. In the Proteomics Core, state-of-the-art mass spectrometers such as LTQ-Orbitrap Fusion, Q-TOF (nano-ESI) and Q-STAR (MALDI) permit unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy in identifying protein sequences and their abundance.  These technologies permit the Proteomics Core to support researchers in understanding molecular details such as protein modifications and components of protein complexes. In addition, a Biacore X100 surface plasma resonance (SPR) system allows researchers to characterize biomolecular interactions in real-time kinetics.

On a broader scale, the facility is capable of profiling and quantifying the expression of up to thousands of proteins within tissues or cells under differing conditions. As with the other Cores, extensive training and expertise are available to facilitate new advances in biology.

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