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Liquid SDS Protein Fractionator

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Liquid SDS Protein Fractionator

Liquid SDS Protein Fractionator
  • Simplify and reduce the dynamic range of complex protein mixtures for bottom-up discovery proteomics using LC-MS/MS.
  • Fractionate and recover proteins intact for top-down proteomic characterization.
  • Isolate and enrich user-selected molecular weight fractions for targeted protein quantification using LC-MS/MS.
  • Separate protein pull-down components for target protein purification.
  • Intact protein molecular weight fractionation, isolation, and purification.
  • Liquid-phase recovery without band or spot cutting.
  • Broad mass range fractionation up to 500 kDa.
  • Up to eight samples processed in parallel.
  • Programmable fractionation for isolating and purifying targeted proteins
  • High protein recovery (>80%) and High reproducibility (<15% CV).
  • High loading capacity (>5X more than a 1D gel).
  • Proteins are recovered intact, for complete characterization.
Technical Tips
  • Permits effective, programmable fractionation, isolation, and purification across a broad mass range from 10-500 Kd.
  • Combined with its high load capacity and high, liquid-phase recovery , the system provides the highest sensitivity of any pre-fractionation technology.
  • May be operated in fractionation mode, in which the entire sample is partitioned into 1-29 selectable MW fractions, or in targeted isolation/purification mode, allowing for extraction of analytes in one or more pre-determined mass ranges.
  • The recovedred liquid protein samples can be further precipitated with acetone to produce highly pure protein pellets that are ready for trypsin digestion in proteomics studies.
Sample Uses
  • Total crude cellular proteins.
  • Any recombinant proteins.
  • Any affinity-based pull-down samples.

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