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Precellys Sample Homogenizer

Precellys Sample Homogenizer
  • A powerful, high-throughput bead mill homogenizer.
  • Suitable for DNA, RNA, protein, or motabolite samples for any biological studies.
  • High degree of homogeneity with high reproducibility.
  • Improve detection limits with complete grinding and homogenization.
  • High throughput and standard sample preparation for reliable results with no cross contamination between samples.
  • Run time: 5 - 90 s by 5 s increments.
  • 3D motion speed: 5000 - 6800 rpm by 100 rpm increments.
  • Number of cycles: 1 - 3.
  • Operating temperature : 4°C to 30°C.
  • Up to 24 samples with a typical run time of just 30 seconds for most samples.
Technical Tips
  • Tissue from 1mg to 500mg.
  • Cell culture from 10µL to 1500µL.
Sample Uses
  • Any type of sample and tissue and cell culture can be efficiently homogenized without degradation: fresh, frozen, with paraffin or various polymers, etc.

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