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Location and Floorplan

The W. M. Keck Proteomics Laboratory occupies approximately 800 sq. ft. lab space on the first floor of Noel T. Keen Hall, and consists of a major proteomics instrumentation room (#1018) and a protein sample preparation room (#1017). In addition to major instrumentation in the main proteomics laboratory, the protein sample preparation room includes two hoods, a temperature-controlled 14,000 rpm microcentrifuge, a -80ºC and a -20ºC freezer, a vacufuge sample concentrator, a water-bath sonicator, a temperature-controlled water-bath, a Bio-Rad two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, a Gelfree 8100 liquid SDS protein fractionator, and a Precellys 24 sample homogeniser.

Provided below are a campus map indicating the location of Noel T. Keen Hall and floorplans (pdfs) of the first and second floors. The W.M. Keck Proteomics Laboratory is located on the first floor, as detailed on the floorplan.

Sequencing Graph
Deducing the identity of a protein and its corresponding gene through analysis of a peptide sequence leads to a greater understanding of how organisms function

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