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Improving Undergraduate Biology Instruction

(February 17, 2015)

Susan R. Wessler, an IIGB/CEPCEB/CDVR distinguished professor of genetics has teamed up with John Matsui at UC Berkeley, Joel Rothman at UC Santa Barbara and Paul Koch at UC Santa Cruz to develop an interconnected "Faculty Learning Community" to allow faculty at four campuses to share proven, successful methods that improve undergraduate biology instruction.

IIGB Scientist Reprograms Plants for Drought Tolerance

(February 8, 2015)

IIGB scientists led by associate professor Sean Cutler have successfully engineered drought-threatened crops to respond to an agrochemical as if it were abscisic acid (ABA), a stress hormone that inhibits plant growth and reduces water consumption to assist survival during droughts.

From Dynamic Genome Program to HHMI Fellowship!

(February 8, 2015)

Jack Wang, a junior majoring in biochemistry and soon declaring a minor in chemistry, was one of three UCR undergraduates who won prestigious fellowships from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Jack attributes this achievement to his participation in the undergraduate laboratory-intensive Genome Program created by IIGB distinguished professor Susan Wessler.

Developing Novel and Safe Insecticides

(February 8, 2015)

An international team of scientists, led in the U.S. by IIGB entomologist Alexander Raikhel, discovered potent compounds in plants that counteract the action of a hormone in insects that plays key roles in insect development, reproduction and other physiological functions. This discovery holds promise for the development of effective pest-control agents that pose no health risk to humans and are environmentally safe.

How Mosquitoes Detect Hosts in Human Dwellings

(February 8, 2015)

The lab of IIGB/CDVR distinguished professor of entomology Ring Cardé has shown that mosquitoes respond very weakly to human skin odor alone in homes but rather to a fluctuating concentration of carbon dioxide, indicating that a human host is present. The findings could help in the design on new types of mosquito control.

Living the Promise: See how faculty from the Center for Plant Cell Biology and the Center for Disease Vector Research are conducting breakthrough research in the areas of Sustainability and Health.


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