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Bug Lovers - 5th Annual SCEP Symposium!

(October 22, 2015)

All bug lovers are invited to the 5th annual Southern California Eukaryotic Pathogen Symposium (SCEP) on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 in the Genomics Auditorium at the University of California, Riverside.

How Ants Identify Colony Members from Intruders

(August 20, 2015)

Reporting today in the journal Cell Reports, IIGB researchers note that ants, which have evolved some of the largest families of olfactory receptor genes in insects, use their powerful sense of smell to sense hydrocarbon chemicals present on the cuticle (outer shell) of individuals to precisely identify different members of their society.

IIGB Hosts Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello!

(June 23, 2015)

IIGB is hosting a seminar by Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello on Wednesday, June 24th at 3pm in the Genomics Auditorium in which he will review the place of mankind in the universe, the history of our evolutionary origins, and the biological mechanisms that propagate, from one generation to the next, the information that makes each of us unique.

Discovering Safe Repellents to Protect Fruit

(June 22, 2015)

IIGB scientists have now identified a safe repellent that protects ripening fruits from the spotted wing Drosophila suzukii. The finding, when extrapolated to other agricultural pests, could provide a strategy for controlling them and increasing the productivity of crops and fruit.

IIGB Geneticist Named Endowed Chair!

(June 22, 2015)

Susan R. Wessler, an IIGB/CEPCEB distinguished professor of genetics, has been named the Neil A. and Rochelle A. Campbell Presidential Chair for Innovation in Science Education in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS).

Living the Promise: See how faculty from the Center for Plant Cell Biology and the Center for Disease Vector Research are conducting breakthrough research in the areas of Sustainability and Health.

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