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Michael AdamsMichael Adams

Professor of Entomology, Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Mailing Address:

Biological Sciences /3107
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Phone: (951) 827-4746
Fax: (951) 827-3087
Email: michael.adams@ucr.edu


PhD 1978 UC Riverside

College/Division Affiliation:

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Center/Inst Affiliation(s):

Center for Disease Vector Research
Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions

Areas Of Expertise:

Mosquito Neurohormones

Awards / Honors:

2002  AAAS Fellow (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
1980  Max Planck Stipendium
1979-80  NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship
1978  DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship
1978  NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

Research Summary:

We examine the molecular physiology of innate animal behaviors known as "fixed action patterns." Our focus is on ecdysis, a fixed action pattern performed by insects each time the old cuticle is shed. Neural signaling pathways underlying ecdysis behaviors arise de novo during each developmental stage following new gene expression under the control of steroid and peptide hormones. Our objective is to explain how behaviors are constructed through coordinated expression, and how they are released through hormonal and neurotransmitter signaling pathways in the brain. A second research area focuses on the biological chemistry of venom toxins from spider, scorpions and wasps, and who they modify ion channels in nerve membranes.

Selected Publications:

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