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Angel HsiaoAnsel Hsiao

Assistant Professor 

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Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Webber Hall / 3263
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Phone: (951) 827-2525
Email: ansel.hsiao@ucr.edu


PhD 2008  Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania
BA  2004  Biology and History, University of Pennsylvania

College/Division Affiliation:

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Areas Of Expertise:

Microbial Pathogenesis; Infectious Diseases of the Gut; Bacterial Genetics; Gut Microbiome; Metagenomics

Research Summary:

Humans share their bodies with many trillions of commensal microbes, collectively known as the microbiota. The gut is site of the densest microbial colonization, and the bacteria resident there have been demonstrated to play a role in a variety of physiological processes ranging from immune development to resistance to pathogens.

Research in my laboratory focuses on identifying the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota can confer susceptibility or resistance to enteropathogenic bacteria. Recently, my work has identified that interspecies bacterial communication, a process known as quorum sensing, is employed by the gut microbiota to inhibit virulence gene production by the important human diarrheal pathogen Vibrio cholerae.

My future research focuses on:
1) Elucidating the role played by quorum sensing in modulating the structure and function of the gut microbiota and virulence gene regulation in V. cholerae;
2) Identifying mechanisms underlying gut microbiota-mediated colonization resistance against pathogens of the gut;
3) Developing methods for manipulating the structure of the gut microbiota with a view to providing prophylaxis against bacterial enteropathogenesis.

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