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David Eastmond
Professor of Cell Biology and Toxicologist; Department Chair
Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Area(s) of Expertise: Mechanisms of Toxicity and Carcinogenesis of Agricultural and Environmental Chemicals in Humans and Other Mammals
Norman Ellstrand
Professor of Genetics
Botany and Plant Sciences
Area(s) of Expertise: Unplanned Transgene Movement via Pollen and Seeds and Consequences of Such Gene Flow; Science to Inform the Evolution of Public Policy Regarding Transgenic Crops; Transgene Confinement; Transgene Evolution
Iryna Ethell
Professor of Biomedical Sciences; Associate Director, Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions
Biomedical Sciences
Area(s) of Expertise: Brain Development; Synaptic Plasticity; Signal Transduction; Fragile X
Thomas Eulgem
Associate Professor of Plant Cell Biology
Botany and Plant Sciences
Area(s) of Expertise: Plant Immune Biology; Defense Signaling; Gene Regulation; Transcriptomics; Functional Genomics

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