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CEPCEB's 10th Anniversary Symposium!

CEPCEB celebrated its 10th anniversary with a full-day symposium Friday, December 14, 2012 in the Genomics Auditorium! The program featured five external speakers, including the Noel T. Keen Lecturer, and three CEPCEB speakers. The day also included lunch and refreshments, our awards ceremony honoring outstanding research achievements by CEPCEB lab members, closing statements, and a reception at 5:30pm.

CEPCEB was honored to present the following prominent scientific leaders:

Susan McCouch
Professor, Departments of Plant Breeding and Genetics, and Plant Biology
Cornell University
Research Focus: identification and characterization of genes that enhance the performance of modern rice cultivars.

Neelima Sinha
Professor, Department of Plant Biology
University of California, Davis
Research Focus: fundamental mechanisms of leaf development, using model organisms such as tomato and a variety of developmental, genetic, and genomics tools.

Wolf Frommer
Director, Department of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution for Science
Professor, Biology Department
Stanford University
Research Focus: glucose, sucrose, ammonium, amino acid, and nucleotide transport across plant membranes and signaling networks.

Jen Sheen
Professor, Department of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Department of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Focus: developing innovative strategies to molecularly and genetically dissect the dual metabolic and signaling functions of glucose.

James Carrington [2012 Noel T. Keen Lecturer]
President, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Research Focus: gene silencing, the mechanisms through which plants and other organisms use non-coding RNA to control growth and development and defend against viruses, and virus-host interactions.


9:15-9:25am Introduction
Natasha Raikhel, CEPCEB Director
 9:25-10:10am Susan McCouch, Cornell University
“Dissecting the Genetics of Complex Traits Using Genome Wide Association Studies in Rice”
10:10-10:35am Jason Stajich, UC-Riverside
“Fungal Genome Defense: Meiotic Silencing of a Transposable Element Mediated through Small RNAs”
10:35-11:00am Coffee Break
11:00-11:45am Neelima Sinha, UC-Davis
“Gene Regulatory Networks in Tomato Development”
11:45am-12:10pm Sean Cutler, UC-Riverside
“Modulation of Drought Tolerance by Synthetic ABA Agonists"
12:10-1:20pm Lunch
1:20-2:05pm Wolf Frommer, Carnegie Institution for Science
“Watching the Activity of a Transporter In Vivo: Conversion of an Ammonium Transporter into a Biosensor”
2:05-2:30pm Hailing Jin, UC-Riverside
"Small RNA Machinery is Geared for Plant Immune Responses against Bacterial Pathogens"
2:30-3:15pm Jen Sheen, Harvard Medical School “Glucose Sensing and Signaling”
3:15-3:45pm Refreshments
 3:45-4:45pm James Carrington, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
“RNA Silencing Mechanisms and Interactions in Plants”
4:45-5:05pm Award Ceremony
5:05-5:30pm Closing Statements
5:30-6:30pm Reception

Initially created with ten faculty from three departments in 2002, CEPCEB’s membership has grown to 43 scientists from 13 departments with an international reputation as one of the world’s top centers devoted to plant cell biology. CEPCEB was excited to celebrate the activities and achievements of the past decade with colleagues and friends!

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